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Bridgestone is one of the world’s largest and most well-known tire manufacturers. Bridgestone produces a wide variety of tyres for various vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and even aircrafts. The company is known for its commitment to quality, innovation and technology in world class tire manufacturing. Bridgestone tyres are popular globally and are often chosen for their performance, durability and safety features.


Michelin is known for it’s commitment to innovation in tire technology. The comapny has introduced  various advancements including the radial tyre, which has revolutionized the industry by providing improved durability, fuel efficiency ans overall performance. 


Yokohama is a well kown tyre Japanese tyre producer that produces a wide range of tyres for various vehicles. Yokohama offers a wide variety of all -season tyre suitable for different weather conditions. It also offers tires suitable for off- road driving and SUV’s providing reliable traction on various terrains.


Continental is a well known German automotive manufacturing company, and it is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Continental produces a wide range of ties for various vehicles such as cars, truck, buses and motorcycles. They are known for manufacturing high quality tires with a focus on safety, performance and innovation. 


Pirelli is an Italian multinational company that is primarily known for manufacturing tires. Pirelli is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers and is renowned for producing high- performance and premium tires for various vehicles. Pirelli has a strong presence in the motorsport world and has been a prominent supplier of tires for Formula One.