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Alloy Wheels


FGI Wheels places a strong emphasis on creating alloy wheels that not only meet functional requirements but also serve as visual enhancements for vehicles. 


MOMO wheels are designed with a focus on both aesthetics and performance. They often unique and stylish designs while maintaining durability and functionality. The materials used in MOMO wheels are chosen for their strength and lightweight properties to enhance overall performance.


AD wheels are typically engineered with a focus on durability and functionality. The materials chosen for manufacturing AD wheels are selected for their strength and lightweight properties. Lightweight wheels can contribute to improved handling, acceleration, and braking performance in a vehicle.


Fuel wheels are a popular choice in the realm of aftermarket automotive accessories, specifically designed to enhance the appearance and performance of cars and trucks.


The infinity wheel is a cutting -edge design aimed for transforming wheel functionality. Unlike conventional wheels that rotate within a limited range, the infinity wheel is designed for continuous and limitless rotation. This innovation allows the wheel to move seamlessly in any direction without the constraints of conventional mechanisms.


Plati wheels has gained a reputation for manufacturing alloy wheels seamlessly tat blend with style and function, elevating both the aesthetic appeal and performance of vehicles. 


Neo wheels often focuses on creating visually appealing designs for their alloy wheels. These designs range from classic and elegant to more sporty and contemporary styles. Alloy wheels, in general, contribute to the overall appearance of a vehicle, and Neo Wheels aims to provide options that enhance the visual appeal of cars.