Pilot Sport 4
Pilot Sport 4
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Pilot Sport 4

Specially made for premium SUVs,

Technical details

Passionate Driving & Safety

  1. Outstanding grip and safety
  2. Excellent longevity and a SUV-dedicated robustness.

Optimized Comfort & Noise

  1. Comfort oriented improvements to enhance your driving pleasure.

Outstanding grip and safety

  1. Asymmetrical tread pattern: external part for dry conditions, internal part for wet roads.
  2. “Dynamic response” technology: a hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon for an optimized driving precision.
  3. Groove design mastered to rigidity the tread pattern and provide grip under lateral solicitation.
  4. Tread pattern stiffness with optimized notches for excellent braking on dry roads.
  5. New compound mix with specific innovative “functional elastomers” and thin silica for excellent grip and braking on wet roads.
Product Range
Pilot Sport 4