Floor Mats

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Sanghvi Car Shoppe is one of the Dealer for end to end car floor mats solutions. Unlike the traditional floor liners with heavy weights, commercial rubbery looking; 3D MAXpider custom-fit floor mats are the revolutionary interior protection for your vehicles with an innovative, unique three-layer structure. These mats are designed measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicle for trapping mess and spills. The patented anti-skid bottom layer keeps mats in place without harming the original carpet like Velcro or without leaving marks like nibs of traditional rubber floor mats. Choices of two different surface layers with Thermoplastic Rubber of carbon fiber texture or Polyester looped fabric surface to complement different vehicles as the unique style you desired. The innovative XPE inner layer minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride.

Our Custom-Fit Floor Liners give you the style you desire and the peace of mind of cleaning them with ease when spills happen. The cleanup is amazingly easy and fast; simply hose the Floor Liners and they will be spot free. You can choose between front row, rear row, cargo, and trunk. They are offered in colors Gray, Tan, and Black to complement every interior and there are more than two hundred applications Available for Different Car Models.

We Deal With 3D, 7D, 5D, Grass Mats and Rubber mats.

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