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Alloy Wheels are considered an upgrade to regular steel wheels. Alloy wheels, as the name suggests are made up of an alloy of 2 or more metals. Aluminium is the dominant metal. Sometimes, magnesium is also used, giving rise to the term “Mag Wheels”. Alloy wheels are stronger and lighter than steel wheels. They are also more expensive to produce, which is why many entry level cars or entry level variants do not come with alloy wheels.

A big advantage of Alloy Wheels is that they do not corrode or rust, and hence are perfectly suitable for tubeless tyres where even a small spot of rust can cause a minute leak of air inside the tyre. Alloy wheels are also stronger. When they face an impact, they can take the impact better.

Alloy wheels also come in different designs and finishes. There are hundreds of Alloy Wheel brands in the market. We mainly deals with reputed brands like Momo Italy, Plati, Inforged, Gtr, Msw, Tsw, Oz, Grid off road, Black rhino, Lenso , Sparco


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